Kojic Acid Skin Lightener Is It Any Good?

Published: 15th February 2012
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If you've done some due research on the best skin lightener ingredients, you probably already know that Kojic acid is the most researched and most popular ingredient use in many whitening creams. I already use a good natural skin lightener now, but when I was in the lookout for a good cream, I always made sure that it included Kojic acid as the main ingredient.

I know that there are other ingredients that are good for fading spots and hyperpigmentation. I prefer kojic acid because it is natural and doesn't pose as much risk as using the more popular hydroquinone cream. Besides, everytime I've used Kojic acid, it has always worked very well on my skin.

Does Kojic Acid Have Any Side Effects?

Based on my own experience, no. I've used this cream for a few years now and I have to say my skin has never looked clearer. I've used lots of expensive creams but this one is the best so far.

Now some of you may be wondering whether this is banned in other countries and the answer is no. There was some talk about it but the studies done on negative side effects of kojic acid were all very inconclusive. As a matter of fact, Kojic acid is used as a preservative in some grocery products so it couldn't be bad for you, right?

The thing is that there once was once a study in Japan that exposed rats to very HIGH levels of kojic acid and it seemed that this did a negative change on their body. The Japanese government had a look at the study and found that the levels of kojic acid was just too high that it was only expected for such negative effect to happen. They thereafter concluded that there is no known side effects to the percentage of kojic acid used in the creams that many cosmetic brands use. They did ask for more research to be done on this but they have not banned the use of kojic acid at all.

For the reasons stated above, I always recommend the use of whitening creams with Kojic acid. Now if you want to buy these creams, you should be able to easily find them in your local drugstore. If not, I'm sure you can easily get one online from reputable companies with products that are FDA-approved.

I personally use only the whitening creams for face. However, there are times when I use Kojic acid soap for my body as well. This is usually after the summer when I have dark spots on my hand or legs from being out in the sun too much. It takes a much longer time for the soaps to work by themselves but when used together with a lightening lotion, they work exceedingly well.

Another thing that you might want to look out for when looking for whitening creams is a combination of kojic acid and hydroquinone products. Obviously, the addition of hydroquinone will not make this cream all-natural anymore but the combination of these two powerful ingredients can only mean good things. I haven't personally used such a combination but I know of some people who have and they say that it's a very good one.

If you don't mind using hydroquinone at all, then this is something worth trying indeed.

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